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Robert Nelson Construction is the site for one of the best custom homebuilders in Utah County. His previous site was built using tables for layout and it had music that automatically played when the home page opened. In addition it contained flash (not mobile friendly) and a broken plugin. In addition to making it mobile friendly, we wanted to add photo galleries in specific categories to show their work to potential customers. I used a jQuery image slider that not only resizes for smaller screens but responds to the swipe action on a phone and tablet.


This site contains 25 links and over 40 pages of information.


Scales from 320px to 960px.


On the desktop I used a pure CSS dropdown menu that controls a nested unordered list. Since “hover” does not work on mobile devices, I used a vertical menu that displays all main and sub menu items. On the phone I hide the unordered list menu items and show a select box with options for each menu items. This technique works well for sites that have lots of links but you have to rely on the phone to style the links. All the phones I have tested do this really well.

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