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Dr. Paul UVU is my professional teacher page where I keep all my course syllabi. The site has a link for each class I mentor. Each class page contains assignments, file links, instructions, checklists, etc. on each page. I also have three links on the home page that link to other supporting sites.

I wanted to change up the header on this site. On the desktop and tablet the header is shown vertically above the left side navigation links. On the phone it is displayed horizontally at the top of the screen.

On a desktop, the columns are displayed side by side while on a vertical tablet and phone they display in a single column.

I tend to choose fall colors for my wardrobe and I wanted to reflect my personality in my own site so I choose fall colors for the theme.


This site has 4 links and 4 pages.


Scales from 320px to 1140px.


There are never going to be a lot of links on this site so I chose to rely on CSS and maintain full control over the navigation for all three devices. On the desktop I have the menu items in the left column with the course number and name below. When I switch to a phone, I hide the course name and stack the menu items in two columns below the header.

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