Horseshoe Mountain Lodge


The Horseshoe Mountain Lodge is located in in Mt. Pleasant, a small town in central Utah. The owner wanted to increase traffic to the hotel during the off months of the year so we decided it would be important to promote activities that can be done all year.

The site promotes activities that can be done year round by displaying random photos in the page header. The header is a single graphic that scales to fit the full display width of any device. On the phone, I used a smaller version of the logo without the large graphics.

I employed an open design with lots of negative space. When viewed on a desktop and tablet, 30% of the width is dedicated to the sidebar. The center 60% is for copy and images, and the remaining 10% is an empty tan bar.

This site also features virtual tours of each room type so customers from out of town can view a room prior to booking it.


Nine menu items and nine pages.


Scales from 320px to 1140px.


On the desktop and tablet the menu is displayed horizontally with dropdown menus that appear on hover. In order to make hover work on a touch screen, the “Rooms” menu item had to list of all the sub menu items under it. The phone displays all the menu items all the time (since there are only 9 total) and formats them to look like typical phone buttons with rounded corners. Styling for the phone navigation is done using CSS.

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