BARC Electric is a power electric co-operative serving the Virginia area.

On the home page there is a double column featuring news articles and a twitter feed. When viewed on a smart phone and tablet, the two columns are stacked. I have incorporated an decorative side bar for the desktop which is removed when viewed on mobile devices.


This site has about 30 pages. It also features the ability to collect customer email addresses for sending out notifications and is built on the business catalyst content management system.


Scales from 320px to 1140px.


On the desktop I used a pure CSS drop-down menu that controls a nested unordered list. Since “hover” does not work on mobile devices, I used a vertical menu that displays all main and sub menu items to the left of the screen. On the phone I hide the unordered list menu items and show a navigation menu with options for each menu items. This technique works well for sites with a lot of links since the sub menus items are initially hidden and only exposed when the viewer touches the link.

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