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Did you know that hand-held mobile devices like phones and tablets have been outselling desktop computers since March of 2011? Another milestone occured in the Q4 of 2013 when tablets alone outsold desktops! PRWEB reports that 64% of smartphone owners plan on making 2013 Christmas purchases using their mobile device.

More and more of your customers are using mobile devices as well as desktop computers to access your business website. Does your website work on mobile devices? A responsive website will optimize your site to display properly on a phone, tablet, or desktop. This will give your customers the best possible experience regardless of the technology they are using.

Establishing a professional, responsive web presence is vital in today's Internet-driven market. A well designed website will keep existing customers up-to-date on your changing products while at the same time marketing you to new clients, regardless of the device they may be using. I can handle the entire process: purchasing the domain, designing the layout, hosting the site, and keeping content up-to-date.

As a full-time professor of Digital Media at Utah Valley University, I build websites for real companies to ensure that what I teach my students in the classroom is the most innovative technology. These sites are typically for clients who want a small to medium-sized site and choose not pay the high fees charged by big agencies.

So when you are ready to make the move to a responsive site, give me a call.

History Review

June 2007 - Apple releases the first iPhone

April 2010 - Apple releases the first tablet

March 2011 - Eleven months later tablets and smart phones outsell desktop computers

Fall 2013 - Tablets alone outsell desktop computers

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